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List of Important Agricultural Links

Keep yourselves informed!

US National Sites including USDA

USDA/AMS Grain Market News: Click here to learn how to use this resource.


US Food and Drug Administration

US Department of Transportation

National US Feed Associations

Association of American Feed Control Officials (Ingredient Definitions and IDC information)

American Feed Industry Association

National Grain & Feed Association

Association of Amer Feed Control Officials

Important Regional Industry Websites
Rail, Barge Lines and Grain/Shipping Handlers in the Region

Active and Abandoned PNW Railways--interesting!

State & Regional Departments of Agriculture

Idaho Department of Agriculture

Montana Department of Agriculture

Oregon Department of Agriculture

Oregon Animal Remedy Registration law and forms; Oregon Feed Safety Program information & forms:

OSU Oregon Seed Certification Committee

Washington Department of Agriculture

California Department of Food & Ag

PNW & Regional Feed Associations

Oregon Feed & Grain Association (OFGA)

Pacific NW Grain and Feed Association (PNWGFA)

PNW Animal Nutrition Conference (PNWANC)

California Grain & Feed Association (CGFA)

PNW Regional Legislative Sites

Idaho Legislature

Oregon Legislature --Be aware, keep up on the process of law making!

Oregon Revised Statutes--know your statute #? See this site and review instructions on how to use this site, click here.

Washington Legislature

Oregon Voter Registration Online

Register to Vote in Oregon*
Use this site to register or check your OWN registration

* use of firefox browser, or updated ie browser after ie. 8 required, update at your own discretion. Firefox is free, and does not hurt to have on your computer.

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